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Inner Change

Journey Stations
AMA Roles
publication “'Way ahead of the curve': UK hosts first summit on mindful politics” 2017
institution 8 Shields
project “A Mindset for the Anthropocene” 2016 -
publication “A new psychology for sustainable leadership: the hidden power of ecological worldviews” 2015
publication “A relational turn for sustainability science? Relational thinking, leverage points and transformations” 2020
publication “A relational turn for sustainability science? Relational thinking, leverage points and transformations” 2020
institution AbenteuerWandel
institution Abrahamisches Forum
publication “Active Hope: How to face the mess we're in without going crazy” 2012
person Adam, Barbara
project “AISCHU - Achtsamkeit im pädagogischen Kontext” -
institution Akademie für Suffizienz
project “Alaya - Breathing Clean Air” -
institution All Creation
institution Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity
institution Alte Weberei, Ahrenshoop
publication “Altruism. The power of compassion to change the world.” 2013
publication “An Integral Theory of Consciousness” 1997
publication “An overview of integral ecology.” 2009
institution Animas Valley Institute
person Anneke, Klasing
institution ARTPORT_making waves
publication “As She Is”
institution Association for Tribal Heritage
institution Atma
institution Auroville
project “Auroville Film Festival” 2009 - 2019
publication “Auroville Solar Bowl Concentrator for Community Scale Steam Cooking - A practical application of solar thermal energy for institutional and industrial use. Report.” 2008
institution Autopoiesis LLC
publication “Awareness Through the Body: A Way to Enhance Concentration, Relaxation and Self-Knowledge in Children and Adults.” 2006
institution Awaris
person Babic, Edvin
institution Balanced Rock
institution Bay Area Rights of Nature Alliance
person Bayr, Tobias
person Beck, Marie-Luise
person Bellene, Paolo
institution Berkana Institute
institution Bhumi Project
project “BiNKA - Education for sustainable consumption through mindfulness training” -
institution Biodynamic Association
person Björkman, Tomas
person Blasche, Birgit
person Böhme, Jessica
person Bornemann, Boris
person Bösel, Benedikt
person Bousset, Claudia
institution Brahma Kumaris
person Bristow, Jamie
person Bruhn, Thomas
institution Buddha-Stiftung für säkularen Buddhismus
institution Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management e.V.
person Burmester, Hanno
institution California Institute of Integral Studies
institution Capital Institute
institution Carbon Conversations
project “Caring Economics” -
institution Center for Building a Culture of Empathy
institution Center for Compassion And Altruism Research And Education
institution Center for Earth Jurisprudence
institution Center for Ecozoic Studies
institution Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT
institution Center for Process Studies
institution Center for Whole Communities
person CF7 2 Post
person CF7 2 Post
person CF7 2 Post
person CF7 2 Post
person CF7 2 Post
person CF7 2 Post
publication “Changes in materialism, changes in psychological well-being: Evidence from three longitudinal studies and an intervention experiment” 2014
publication “Character strengths and virtues: A handbook and classification” 2004
person Chimère Diaw, Mariteuw
person Choden, Thinley
person Clayton, Philip
institution Climate Compassion
institution Club of Budapest
institution Club of Rome
project “Co-Creative Reflection & Dialogue Space at UNFCCC COP” 2018 - 2022
institution Collective Leadership Institute
institution CommUnio - Institut für Führungskunst
institution Compton Foundation
publication “Connected: The Emergence of Global Consciousness” 2019
publication “Connecting to Change the World: Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact” 2014
project “Conscious Food Systems Alliance” -
publication “Contemplative practices in action: Spirituality, meditation, and health.” 2010
project “Contemplative Sustainable Futures” 2015 -
publication “Counting blessings in early adolescents: An experimental study of gratitude and subjective well-being.” 2008
publication “Creating space for reflection and dialogue: Examples of new modes of communication for empowering climate action” 2021
institution Creation Justice Ministries
institution Crystal Spring Center
person Dahm, Daniel
institution Dalai Lama Fellows
institution Das Baumhaus
person Demaris, Lucien
publication “Despair and personal power in the nuclear age.” 1983
institution Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association
publication “Die harte Landung der Achtsamkeit in der westlichen Konsumkultur” 2020
person Dierksmeier, Claus
publication “Does mindfulness in politics make any difference?” 2019
person Doran, Peter
person Dr. Rössig, Wiebke
person Dunetz, David
institution Dynamic Planet
institution Earth Law Center
institution Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative
institution EcoDharma
institution Ecologic Institute
institution Ecological Citizen
publication “Ecological Footprint of the Findhorn Foundation and Community” 2006
publication “Ecological Identity. Becoming a Reflective Environmentalist” 1995
institution Ecological Law & Governance Association
publication “Ecovillages: Lessons for sustainable community.” 2014
institution Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning
project “Education for Sustainable Development” 2012 - 2016
publication “Education is the kindling of a flame: How to reinvent the 21st-century university” 2018
institution Emerge
institution Emerging Earth Community
institution Erdfest. Eine Initiative
institution Esalen Institute
institution European Institute of applied Buddhism
institution Evolution at work
institution Evolutionary Leaders
publication “Evolve - Magazin für Bewusstsein und Kultur” 2014
publication “Evolver” 2007
person Fackenthal , Jeremy
institution Faith in Place
person Fang, Man
person Felber, Christian
institution Fetzer Institute
institution Films for the Earth
project “Findhorn” 1962 - 2019
publication “Fostering Reflection, Dialogue and Collaboration among Actors at the UN Climate Change Conferences, IASS Policy Brief” 2021
institution Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality
person Fraude, Carolin
institution Freemasonry
publication “From presence to consciousness through virtual reality” 2005
institution GAIA Initiative
institution Gaia Trust
person Gallardo, Luis
institution Gallmann Memorial Foundation
institution Gemeinwohl Ökonomie
person Gerasimenko, Darya
person Gidley, Jennifer
person Ginzky, Harald
institution Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
institution Global Center for Indigneous Leadership and Lifeways
publication “Global Consciousness Change: Indicators of an Emerging Paradigm” 1997
institution Global Consciousness Project
institution Global Ecological Integrity Group
institution Global Ecovillage Network
institution Global Oneness Project
institution Global Peace Initiative of Women
publication “Globally scanning for " Megatrends of the Mind": Potential futures of futures thinking” 2010
institution Go Wild Institute
person Goßmann, Michael
publication “Gratitude and the reduced costs of materialism in adolescents.” 2010
institution Great Transition Initiative
institution Great Transition Initiative
institution Greenfaith
institution GreenSpirit
institution Gross National Happiness Center
person Haddock, Paula
project “Harmony with Nature” -
institution HEED Institute for Human Engineering and Empathic Design
person Helfrich, Silke
person Herrmann, Lukas
institution Heschel Center for Sustainability
person Hofielen, Gerd
publication “Hope is a​n embrace of the unknown” 2016
person Hosang, Maik
person Howden-Chapman, Amy
publication “Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap” 1974
person Hunecke, Marcel
person Hüther, Gerald
institution IASS
institution Icewisdom - Angaangaq der Schamane aus Grönland
publication “Infinite Potential - The life and ideas of David Bohm” 2021
institution Initiative Psychologie im Umweltschutz e.V.
publication “Inner change and sustainability initiatives: exploring the narratives from eco-villagers through a place-based transformative learning approach” 2020
publication “InnSaei - the Power of Intuition” 2016
institution Institut für Achtsamkeit und Nachhaltigkeit
institution Institute for Ecological Civilization
institution Institute for mindful agriculture
institution Institute for mindful communication
institution Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy and Society
institution Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS Sydney
institution Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
publication “Integral life practice: A 21st-century blueprint for physical, health, emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening.” 2008
publication “Integral Yoga at Work - A Study of Practitioner's Experiences Working in Four Professional Fields” 2016
institution International Network of Engaged Buddhists
institution Inward Bound Mindfulness Education
person Iwa, Karolina
publication “Journey of the Universe” 2011
institution Kairos Earth
institution Kalliopeia Foundation
person Karam, Imad
person Kay, David
institution Keepers of the Water
institution KfW Stiftung
institution Ki Culture
person Kleiner, Anna Lisa
institution Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie
person Kühn, Thomas
person Künkel, Petra
person Langer, Phil C.
person Langner, Fanny
person Lanying, Zhang
person Lavelle, Brooke
person Lawrence, Mark
person Lebedev, Boris
person Lent, Jeremy
publication “LIA-Blog”
person Lichtenberg, Jonas
person Lilley, Rachel
person Litfin, Karen
publication “Love and Sustainability” 2014
publication “Love and the Anthropocene” 2017
institution Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies LUCSUS
institution Manemo
institution Mangalam Research Center For Buddhist Languages
institution Manitou Institute & Conservancy
person Manuel-Navarrete, David
institution Max-Planck Institut for human cognitive and brain sciences
institution MBSR-MBCT Verband
publication “Measuring Mindset Change in the Systemic Transformation of Education” 2004
person Meier Nandi, Santa
institution Michael Meade Mosaic Voices
person Miller, James
institution MIND - European Foundation for Psychedelic Science
institution Mind & Life Institute
institution Mindful Schools
project “Mindfulfriends” -
publication “Mindfulness and Politics” 2016
publication “Mindfulness and Sustainability” 2014
publication “Mindfulness and sustainability.” 2014
publication “Mindfulness and sustainable behavior - pondering attention and awareness as means for increasing green behavior.” 2009
institution Mindfulness for Social Change
institution Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)
person Mitchell, David
person Mitsotaki, Alexandra
institution Money of Good
institution Moral Markets?
institution Mother Pelican - A Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability
person Myzel, Jen
publication “Nachhaltigkeit braucht Spiritualität” 2019
institution Nan Tien Institute
institution Naropa University
person Nelson, Roger
institution Netzwerk Achtsame Wirtschaft
institution Netzwerk Ethik Heute
person Ng, Edwin
person O'Brien, Karen
publication “Ode to Empathy” 2013
person Omann, Ines
institution On Being
institution One Planet Education Network
institution One Resilient Earth
institution One Resilient Earth
institution One Resilient Earth
publication “Open hearts build lives: positive emotions, induced through loving-kindness meditation, build consequential personal resources.” 2008
institution Osage Forest of Peace
person Ostendorf, Yasmine
publication “Oxford handbook of positive psychology” 2009
institution Pacific Integral
institution Pacific Lutheran University
institution Parliament of the World's Religions
institution Passionist Earth & Spirit Center
institution Paulo Freire Zentrum
project “PETAL: Planetary Ethics and Artificial Intelligence” 2018 - 2019
person Petranker, Jack
project “Planetary Ethics and Artificial Intelligence” 2018 - 2019
publication “Politics of Being: Wisdom and Science for a New Development Paradigm” 2022
institution Presencing Institute
institution Prison Mindfulness Institute
publication “Psychology and consumer culture: The struggle for a good life in a materialistic world” 2004
person Purser, Ron
person Queblatin, Sarah
person Ragnarsdottir, Kristin Vala
institution Rat für Zukunftsweisende Entwicklung (RZE)
publication “Reality Sandwich” 2019
institution Red Buddha - Buddhismus und Sozialdemokratie
institution Refugia Retreats
publication “Relation of spirituality to happiness, life satisfaction and sustainable lifestyles” 2012
institution Relational Uprising
institution Relationship Science
publication “Restoration of the tropical dry evergreen forest of peninsular India” 2005
institution RinconMind
person Ruf, Stefan
person Sachs, Wolfgang
institution Sacred Earth: Faiths for Conservation
publication “Sacred economics: Money, gift, and society in the age of transition.” 2011
project “Sadhana Forest” 2003 - 2019
institution Salonfestival
institution Samdhana Institute
institution Santa Fe Institute
person Schepelmann, Ida
person Schrader, Ulf
person Schwab, Nicole
person Senén, Rafael
person Siegel, Ronald
project “Silence Space” -
project “Silence Spaces” -
person Simon Krichewsky, Laureline
person Singer, Tania
person Sobecka, Karolina
institution Sophia Institute
person Sotirakos, Yannis
person Southwick, Caitlin
person Specking, Heiko
institution Spiral Ecology
institution Spirit of Humanity Forum
project “Spiritual Ecology” -
publication “Spiritual Ecology - A Quiet Revolution” 2012
publication “Spiritualität und Nachhaltigkeit: Verbündet euch!” 2018
institution Spirituality and Practice
institution St. Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
project “Stanford Compassionate University Project” -
person Stark, Hendrik
institution States of mind
institution Stiftung Freie Gemeinschaftsbank
institution Stiftung Weltethos für interkulturelle und interreligiöse Forschung, Bildung und Begegnung
person Subramanian, Rama
publication “Sustainability and spirituality: despair as well as optimism” 2013
institution Sustainability Institute
person Taimur, Sadaf
institution Tarayana Foundation
person Teucher, Tina
institution The B Team
project “The Bridge” 2018 - 2019
institution The Buckminster Fuller Institute
institution The Center for Spirituality in Nature
institution The Emergence Network
institution The Emergence Network
publication “The empathic brain: how, when and why?” 2010
publication “The Great Mindshift - How a New Economic Paradigm and Sustainability Transformations go Hand in Hand” 2016
institution The Green Sabbath Project
institution The Mindfulness Initiative
publication “The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” 2013
institution The Planetary Healing Centre
publication “The shallow and the deep, long-range ecology movement. A summary” 1973
publication “The Web of Meaning. Integrating Science and Traditional Wisdom to Find Our Role in the Universe” 2021
institution Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation
person Thinley, Cheten
institution Tiefenökologie Netzwerk
publication “Tomorrow” 2017
publication “Towards a mindful cultural commons” 2018
person Travers, Melody
person Trelstad, Marit
person Trescher, Dino
institution Trust for Meditation Process
institution tt30 - The young think tank of the Club of Rome in Germany
institution Ulex Project
institution UniverCity of Compassion
institution Urban Adamah
institution Urban Adamah
publication “Ursprung und Gegenwart” 1949
person Vasconcellos, Stephen
person Viaene, Lieselotte
person Vilhjalmsdottir, Johanna
person Voggenreiter, Valerie
person von Lüpke, Geseko
person von Meibom, Barbara
institution Wake Up
person Walk, Heike
publication “Walking the talk: Faith, spirituality and the next generation” 2018
person Walsh, Zachary
person Wamsler, Christine
institution Wandelwerk Umweltpsychologie
publication “Warum uns der Klimawandel an innere Grenzen bringt …und wie wir daran wachsen können” 2021
project “Wasteless” 2009 - 2019
institution WeAll - Wellbeing Economy Alliance
person Weber, Andreas
institution Wellbeing Project
institution Whidbey Institute
institution White Awake
person Whyte, David
institution Wilderness Torah
institution Wilderness Torah - Center for Earth-Based Judaism
institution Wir machen das anders
publication “Wir sind dran. Club of Rome: Der große Bericht: Was wir ändern müssen, wenn wir bleiben wollen. Eine neue Aufklärung für eine volle Welt” 2017
institution Wisdom Together
institution Work that Reconnects Network
institution Workface
institution World Human Forum
publication “Worldviews and the transformation to sustainable societies” 2013
person Wreford, Luke
institution Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology
institution Yale Himalaya Initiative
institution YETI - Yale Environmental Training Initiative for Religious Leaders
publication “You Matter More Than You Think. Quantum Social Change in Response to a World in Crisis” 2020
publication “Zukunftsfähig leben. Spiritualität und Praxis der Nachhaltigkeit” 2005

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