A Mindset for the Anthropocene

Welcome to the AMA Project, a platform for catalyzing synergies between inner transformation and sustainability!

Through our interactive database you can explore the global network of People, initiatives, organizations, publications and other resources that link the cultivation of subjectivity with efforts for the socio-ecological transformation.

We hope you find inspiration and valuable connections!

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Why do we go on this journey? — Why is an “inner” change needed for the societal transformation towards sustainability?


What is the journey about? — Definitions of relevant terms in the project framing (Qualities / Practices / Framings)


By which related journeys are we inspired? — Examples and stories that show how “inner” change within the human mind is relevant for a change in practice.


What happens on the journey? — What makes for inner change? / How is it possible to personally practice and collectively cultivate specific qualities?


What can be the effect / benefit of this journey? — What is the concrete potential (function) regarding sustainability?


Which visions of sustainable futures drive our design of transformative practice?

7Next Steps

Where does the journey continue from here? — Which conclusions and / or recommendations do we derive for the future?