What we do

In the three threads Understand, Connect, Practice & Inspire the project pursues the following activities:


  • We develop a conceptual framework for systems transformation that integrates subjectivity transformation and socio-ecological aspects of transformation.
  • In academic and other publications we provide an overview on the bodies of literature and research that seek similar integration in specific disciplinary fields
  • We publish case studies on specific examples of integration of inner transformation and systems change towards sustainability


  • We curate an interactive visualized database that provides access to information about people, organizations, events and publications that connect aspects of inner transformation and socio-ecological aspects of sustainability.
  • We provide reflection & dialogue spaces (e.g at the UNFCCC conferences) to support stakeholders in aligning their action with their deeper intentions and values.
  • We host events that allow stakeholders to connect with like-minded but complementary change agents in order to form effective trans-sectoral and trans-disciplinary cooperation and alliances for sustainability-oriented transformations

Practice & Inspire

  • We continuously engage in efforts to transform our own modes of being and acting towards sustainability and support each other in changing habits and practices
  • Through a relational communication strategy we make our process and learnings transparent to our environment as sources of inspiration and encouragement
  • We conduct processes along a curriculum that supports organizations or networks of change agents in integrating inner transformation into their specific actions towards sustainability