Purpose of this website

The interactive database is a resource to catalyze the learning process of a global community of change agents (individuals and institutions) exploring the synergies between “inner” personal and socio-ecological aspects of transformation.

Its specific purpose is three-fold:

  • An orientation and match-making tool for the community – People interested in the scope of the AMA project can explore the database through various visualization and navigation tools to find material and contacts according to their interests and context. The purpose is not to be a platform for online communication. Rather, we want to provide visibility and access to foster connections and processes that can take place elsewhere in more personal contexts.
  • A catalyst for the visibility of our emerging field – By aggregating content and identifying areas of complementarity, the website’s visualizations strengthen the visibility of our fields of interest. It shows that across apparent differences the many often dispersed threads constitute an emerging trend of critical relevance.
  • Making the AMA project accessible to the public – The website provides basic information about the AMA project, its members, and contributors. It also offers opportunities for interested people to become part of the network and contribute content to the website.