Identity and values – The AMA Manifesto

1. AMA explores relational ways of knowing, being, and doing. We aspire to integrate personal and socio-ecological aspects of transformation.

2. We strive for systems aliveness.

3. We co-create conditions for a flourishing Earth community. We cultivate harmonious relationships and communities of all beings.

4. We acknowledge our limits. We open ourselves up to an iterative process of including diversity into more complex, coherent, and evolving ways of knowing, being, and doing.

5. We embrace multiple truths. Everything is context specific. We cultivate our capacity for generative conflict built on trust, safety, and support. We honor the diversity of approaches to transformation and do not seek consensus.

6. We see transformation as a dynamic process of the ‘self’ in relation to the ‘world.’ We create worlds, and worlds create us. We are always worlding.

7. We are an emerging commons. The outcomes belong to everyone. We create conditions of emergence through non-attachment, by giving and sharing from a mindset of abundance, and surrendering to the outcomes beyond our understandings.