There are very different ways how people are involved in the AMA project and its community. The following roles describe these different levels of engagement.

Staff members are people employed for the AMA project at the RIFS Potsdam. They are responsible for the overall project framework, strategy and administration.

Community of Practice (CoP) are people who were invited to a cycle of the AMA CoPs. They add aliveness to the network by coming  into exchange, exploring syngergies in the realms of science, action and reflection.

Fellows are working with the AMA project and supported financially through a stipend or honorary contract for a limited period of time.

Visiting researchers are invited to join and work with the project team for a short time (usually less than four weeks), sometimes with and sometimes without financial compensation.

Curators are in charge of editing and curating the content of the web-database. They add content themselves and review contributions uploaded from other community members (users, contributors).  

Partners are institutions (or individuals) collaborating actively with AMA on a longer term basis. They support the intention of the platform and help developing the direction and framing of the project

Mentors are personally committed advisors who provide strategic guidance, advice and support to members of staff and the overall course of the project.

Collaborators are or have been collaborating with the AMA project for a specific activity, i.e. research process or event. They do not declare any longer term commitment of support to the AMA project.

Guests are people who have been invited as speakers, experts or impulse givers to any of our activities. They do not declare any kind of formal support to the AMA project.